Spice Labels That Sell

Black River Falls, WI– October 2010       


New Label Press creates niche market opportunities



DigiFlex Distribution, a supplier of Digital Printing Equipment and Supplies introduces today, the OKI Data America’s pro510DW Digital Printing Press.  The pro510DW is ideal in the spice and seasonings industry and for spice label printing; as it prints at an incredible speed with impeccable print quality.  The pro510 will lower your operating and production costs significantly.  While these costs go down, your profit margin will drastically increase, making you more money! 


Features and Benefits


- High quality, digital spice labels for various sizes, types, and classes


- Various spice label types approved: polyester, high gloss, semi gloss, litho paper, foil paper, and much more


- Print Different spice container labels during the same run to meet your needs quicker


- Very low waste


- Print on Demand to meet your exact container requirements for each job


- Media change simple when printing your different spice bottle types and sizes


- Print 28,000 3” x 3” labels in less than 60 minutes


- Ease of operation


- Meet deadlines faster for spice resellers


- In-plant printing


The DigiFlex pro510 requires only a one-step process.  Once labels are printed, they are ready for application.  No additional steps or wasted time!  DigiFlex does not limit print area width to 4”- 8” like most other presses in its class.  Print an area up to12.625” wide.  Triple your outcome, save time, save money!  DigiFlex provides a vast library of iSys Certified and Approved Media with over 60 base materials to choose from for your most challenging print opportunities, while others in its class only provide a hand full of material choices.  Most versatile printer in its class!

All settings for the pro510 are predetermined using our iSys approved media library.  Simply select the approved media in the software selections and all print settings will automatically be applied to your print queue.  This added feature creates a vibrant quality that is superior to flexographic quality labels.  You are in total control of your label production! Make more money by eliminating the need to outsource your labels!  Spice Suppliers:  Increase your profit and bottom-line with the DigiFlex pro510!